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It's the digital publication that showcases positive interviews about celebrities using their Star Power to help their favorite charities and foundations. 

Celebrity Charity Magazine provides unique coverage of these charitable activities of celebrity athletes, musicians, actors, corporations, etc.

We also spotlight charitable products, services and businesses that embrace charitable giving.

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Celebrity Charity Magazine Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Tammie Tolbert, focuses on the positive contributions of celebrities and the positive attention their Star Power brings to great charitable initiatives.  

This month read about our "Corporate Community Champion" and Television Mogal Oprah Winfrey.  The TV mogul is one of the world's most compassionate and celebrated philanthropist.  We supplied you with a video that will show you one of the reasons why! She used her Star Power to do something remarkable.  Watch it to see why she stated, " I feel like a proud momma."  

Gabrielle Union, the "Being Mary Jane", "Deliver Us from Eva," and "Daddy's Little Girls" movie star has inspired others with her decision to reach out to help others about breast cancer awareness.  Read her story in our "Hollywood Helpers" section.  Alicia Keys story is on fire in our "Magical Musicians" section and in our "In My Shoes," section, learn about the personal struggles of TAMIA, R&B Sensation and wife of NBA player Grant Hill.

The public’s interest in celebrity philanthropy is no surprise. According to Tolbert, “It’s no secret that our culture is motivated, in many instances, by what happens in the lives of their favorite celebrities. 

Celebrity Charity Magazine hopes that the good deeds of these celebrities will positively affect fans and help create generations of people who see the value in helping others. We hope our readers will be inspired to use their own star power in their own lives and communities.” 

Celebrity Charity Magazine is the leading digital magazine that focuses on the positive charitable activities that  happen in the entertainment industry, as it revolves around the celebrities and their positive community involvement.  We've covered celebrity interviews including TV Reality Star Khloe Kardashian,  NFL’s Atlanta Falcon Warrick Dunn, NFL’s Carolina Panther Mushin Muhammad,  CSI NY actor, Robert Joy, NFL's Walter Payton Man of the Year and Carolina Panther Players Thomas Davis, TV Star Nick Cannon, NFL's Baltimore Raven's Ray Lewis, Rap Artist, Nelly,  NBA New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony, NFL's Carolina Panthers Mike Tolbert, TV Actress Gabrielle Dennis,  Celebrity Chef Monica Davis, MBA Legend Michael Jordan, NFL's Carolina Panther Mike Kuechly and many more!  Each story is inspirational in its own right.  Stay tuned for more great Celebrity Charity interviews!