The Chris Canty Foundation Gives Direction to Children!


Another Athletic Angel, NFL player, Chris Canty, has a remarkable charity that really gives help and direction to youth in North Carolina, New York City and Bermuda.  The organization, “works to enhance the total development of all youth,” According to sources.  “When we work together, we can move communities forward and empower those in need,” states the organization’s website.  The non-profit also provides current information on ways to provide assistance and opportunities for children.  

The Chris Canty Foundation is about giving back to youth and nurturing them to become positive and productive citizens.  Sports play a big part as a platform to help children achieve goals, develop talents, self-confidence and necessary life skills. 

The Chris Canty Foundation works hard to provide the necessary tools to help develop children into successful adults.  In Charlotte, North Carolina the Chris Canty Foundation held a charity event to raise funds for the non-profit organization and people from all industries and backgrounds were in attendance to support this diligent organization.


Joseph Canty, the President and CEO of the Chris Canty Foundation hosted the evening at an upscale facility called “Blue” to ensure that all supporters had a wonderful evening and were shown appreciation for their support of the Chris Canty Foundation.  The fundraising evening included a silent auction of sports memorabilia, paintings and travel opportunities for the bidders.  The Dessert Specialist Sadruddin Abdullah also prepared exquisite chocolate confections for the event and donated a wine and chocolate pairings for 6 for charity supporters to bid on.    

Jeffrey Parker, a charity supporter, bid on the weekend Las Vegas trip, Tickets to NFL football game as well as the Book by Obama.  He stated, “I think it is wonderful that he has this charity in Charlotte.  His work in the charity and this charity event has not only met my expectations, but exceeds my expectations.”  This charity event is like his charity, “A 1 Class.”


Raphael Sabastian a co-organizer of the charity event as well as an Advisory Board Member of The Chris Canty Foundation stated, “We wanted to corral 200 to 300 hundred of our charity friends to mix and mingle and bring the charity to the city.  We want people to see the A Class charity they support.  I came aboard the Chris Canty Foundation years ago.  When I worked for CoCa-Cola, I supported the charity as a sponsor. The people that I inherited the job from mainly wrote checks.  But I wanted to “inspect what I expected.”  I went out to see what they did and I was absolutely amazed.  Chris Canty had paid out of his own pocket to have 35 professional, name brand athletes to direct over 300 children during the Chris Canty Camp.  The kids weren’t charged a dime.  Chris has an amazing heart.  I saw the value year after year of working with him. We began to talk collectively about institutionalizing his work, and the Chris Canty Foundation was established.  Every since we have been building the brand and have been blessed to have the community rally around this charity. 

I am happy to say that the Chris Canty Foundation has been able to expand its body of good works into New York and Bermuda.  I want to see the focus on the things we do expand beyond athletics.  We want to develop champions beyond athletics.  We want to develop the entire child.” 

A gentleman at the charity event called, “Cool Charlie” says that he is proud of the Chris Canty Foundation because they have built this charity around some of the same characteristics taught to them by their parents.  “Chris and Joe’s parents are some of the greatest people I have ever known and the values they gave Chris and Joe are evident in the Chris Canty Foundation.”  He encourages Joe and Chris to, “Continue on with this foundation and look for more quality people to help them and they will be able to help children all the time.”

John Luke, Owner of VizPress Marketing Design and Printing and his wife Dr. Mo Daniels were also in attendance to support the Chris Canty Foundation.  “We have been making the trophies to give to the children for years.  We started giving support to Chris when it was just the Chris Canty Football Camps.”  Said Mark, But we support the work they do for these kids and get joy from seeing how these kids are transformed by the efforts of the Chris Canty Foundation.”  Dr. Daniels stated, “Joe and Chris help to develop these children on a physical, mental and spiritual level.  It is great when children can get help from strong, compassionate and Godly men.” 

Tya Young, a marketing associate for Bank of America stated, “Joe and Chris are great humanitarians.  Chris is a humanitarian first and an athlete second.  They both get these great values from their mom and dad. Their parents should bottle up whatever it is they are teaching and put it on a shelf and sell it!  I just encourage them both to stay humble and focused and keep doing what you are doing.”

Lisa Jimenez, a volunteer of the foundation, says that the Chris Canty Foundation is amazing and has a great purpose and as a person of Spanish decent she appreciates that they are supportive and include all communities in their work.”

Shirley L. Canty, (The long version of the name MOM).  Chris and Joseph Canty’s mother, Shirley L. Canty, is proud of the work that her sons have done since the charity’s launch on June 17, 2011.  “I think that Joe has done an excellent job as CEO and Chris has done an excellent job as Founder.  The Chris Canty Foundation is young and growing and has upward mobility.  Joe and Chris are true to the mission of the charity to plant seeds in good soil to really help young children and youth to dream about their future and to know that there is a positive person within each one of them.  Chris is excited about what he has dreamt since given this platform of being in the NFL and he has refused to take no as an answer when it comes to being true to his mission which is to really promote the well-being of children and youth.   I am really proud of the Chris Canty Foundation. 

I told Mrs. Canty that I saw a video that talked about how Chris and Joe stated that they wanted to do something that would make their parents proud of them.  When I asked Mrs. Canty, “Was she proud?” she stated, “Yes, I am really proud of them and the Chris Canty Foundation.” 

She also stated, “They have always been entrepreneurs and community driven.  “Chris and Joe would sit at the dinner table when they were 6 and 9 years old and talk about being entrepreneurs and giving something back to the community.  They would say, “We will get a barber shop and an ABC store.”  Well, everyone can see that they have gone well beyond obtaining a barbershop and an ABC store. 

When I asked Shirley, what is the one thing you would like to say to your sons to tell them to encourage them to keep moving forward, she stated this, which I suppose will have dual meaning for all her sons Seku Chris and Joseph.  “Do not forget your Foundation.” 

Posted on October 13, 2014 .