Justin Tuck-Star NFL Defensive End Defends Education

Justin and Lauren Tuck

Justin Tuck is an NFL Star who makes it his business to help the future stars of tomorrow by helping provide books and financial means for them to get an education.  

Tuck, who made A's and B's while playing sports, respects the value of a good education.  Tuck and his wife Lauran founded Tuck's RUSH ( Read, Understand, Succeed, Hope) for literacy to help underserved schools with grant money and books to help encourage children to dream and reach for the stars.

We all know it takes money to get an education.  The Tucks took their concern and generosity and partnered with 1:1 Fund and the Children's Aid Society and provided $150,000 of their personal finances to open college savings accounts for young students in New York City.  

The endowment the Tucks have established will allow the students to have $100 each into their student account and then match the contribution from their family's up to $100 a year until the child completes high school.  

It is easy to see why Tuck and his family are a success on and off the field!

Posted on December 7, 2014 .