Stuart Scott, The Legendary Sportscaster Dies from Cancer

Although he never played for any professional  sports team, he could have easily been an Athletic Angel and to many he was.  Many professional sports players and coaches as well as his family, friends, associates and coworkers were saddened to find out that the charismatic, funny and professional sportscaster died from cancer.  He fought cancer as tough as any team fights against its opponent.  Even as he fought this terrible disease, he did so with so much class, dignity and integrity that many did not even know he was in such a battle for his life.  

Life.  That is one of the things that Scott Stuart had.  He had life in his eyes and in his heart. He lived almost everyday of life to the fullest.  

I remember when I first met Scott.  It was at a charity event for inner city children.  The Behailu Academy children's center in Charlotte, North Carolina was opening and Scott was there to make sure he gave support to the children and to his friend Dee-Dee Mills. 

During our Celebrity Charity Magazine interview, Scott talked about how he would not have missed this chance to be at his friend's grand opening because programs like Dee-Dee's were needed in the inner city.  He mentioned how his parents were able to put him in various after school programs, but other children are not so lucky and he wanted to use his presence or what I like to call "Star Power" to bring awareness to this program for the children of the The Behailu Academy.

That night his charisma and positive energy was so evident and uncontainable.  He spoke to all the guest, took photos and gave one hell of a speech about his love for children because he too was a father....a proud father.  

He is no longer here on this Earth in the physical form....but believe me, through all the lives this wonderful man touched, he will go on to live multiple lives because of the way he lived his life.  He set so many examples of what it is to be a professional, a friend, a father, a co-worker, and a caring human being.  Cancer took his physical body, but not his spiritual body.  

He beat cancer.  Do you know how?  Well, his words can tell you best, "When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer.  You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live." Enough said.  

Posted on January 8, 2015 .