Contributing Writers

Each publication of Celebrity Charity Magazine has the distinct honor of having some of the world's best writers to share their perspective on Celebrity Philanthropy.   There are so many positive and honorable things that are happening as celebrities use their "Star Power" to help others.  We are happy to bring those stories to you through the perspective of our guest contributing writers .

Feature 1

This area can be manipulated in a varienty of ways. This will make a great contributing writers page.  Test the buttons and link the stories! Don't forget to add crisp photos here.

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Does the text contine to go as the writers story is added. Yes it does.  This is just the area to introduce the writer.  However, in this button Learn more or whatever I want the button to say, I can link the authors story here. Kool Beans! 

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Don't forget that when I get my Apple back, that I can take the photos on my own of the desk and treys hands or Marcie.