The Menaye School of Hope

Menaye Donko-Muntari, the Canadian born Ghanaian businesswoman and wife of football superstar Sulley Muntari has broken ground to provide the children of Ghana with a new school. The "Menaye School of Hope.  Four days after her 34th birthday the philanthropist and beauty queen met with Konongo Chief,  Nana Batafo Acheampong, where in gesture, he donated the land to the Menaye Charity Organisation for the Menaye School of Hope.  Sulley Muntari, Menaye's soccer husband is from the town of Konongo.  This school in Ghana will be the second school that Menaye and her husband Sulley have provided to rural and deprived children.   The first school is in Agona Asafo, Ghana.   The mission of both schools is to help combat high poverty and illiteracy in Central Ghana's rural communities.

The school will educate children from kindergarten to junior high level and will provide them with quality and free education.  The Menaye Charity Organisation provides everything for the school.   It pays for the teachers salaries,  for the building,  for the equipment to keep school running, for the books,  for the paper,  for the school uniforms,  etc.

It is obvious by her dedication and commitment to building schools for deprived and rural children,  that Menaye is not just another pretty face, but is a philanthropic business woman who is providing educational opportunities and making a better future for the children of Central Ghana. For more information,  log onto

Posted on November 9, 2014 .