Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne Rocks On!

Sharon Osbourne has been in the entertainment business for over 2 decades.  She was instrumental in making her husband, Ozzy Osbourne a Rock Star.  Sharon has also become a household name of sorts herself with her successful TV shows, The Osbourne's and CBS's "The Talk."  

Just recently Osbourne had some honest conversations about plastic surgery and having her breast removed.  On the topic of plastic surgery, Osbourne says she will not go under the knife again.  She even goes on to say that as she catches a glimpse of herself from time to time she thinks, "Oh I should have never done that...."

Nevertheless, the main surgery that Osbourne recently had was the double mastectomy.  Osbourne had her breast removed when doctors discovered she carried the gene for breast cancer.  According to sources, Osbourne states, I wasn't diagnosed with cancer, but I had the gene."

Sharon 's son Jack was recently diagnosed with Multiple Schlerosis (MS) and he and his wife just gave birth to Sharon's and Ozzy's new granddaughter which definitely is a reason to try and have as much time on the planet as possible.

If you want to find out more about breast cancer or need assistance or even your own mammogram, please contact the breast cancer foundation or log onto

Posted on October 13, 2014 .