Carey Mulligan Helps Children of Wars!


British born actress Carey Hannah Mulligan is an actress that has empathy and passion for others. This kind actress began her journey in hollywood in 2005 playing “Kitty Bennet” in the movie “Pride and Prejudice.

She has gone on to grow her acting scorecard and play some very complex characters such as her character “Sissy” in the film, Shame. But even more complex than the characters she plays is the topic of the charity she volunteers for, child wars.

The charity that Mulligan helps is called War Child and it is a charity that helps children in war torn countries all over the world to try and recoup from the horrors of war. Besides the very obvious horrors of war, war also causes psychological damage in children. War child works to provide children with trauma counselors, food vouchers, protection and community reintergration.


Mulligan and her husband, Marcus Mumford, have hosted fundraisers statewide and abroad to help raise awareness for War Child’s Sister organization, Children In Conflict. Both organizations strive to give children from war torn countries, hope, education, and a chance at a productive life. For more information, log onto

Posted on October 26, 2018 .