Tamia - The R&B Songbird Battles Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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Most of us recognize this celebrity from her music hits, "I'm so Into You," "You Put A Move On My Heart," or even, "Stranger In My House."  Some even know her from her Marriage to NBA Superstar, Grant Hill. 

What many don't know is that this R&B Songbird also fights Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Multiple Sclerosis is a painful and debilitating nerve disorder that attacks various areas of the body.  It also effects everyday bodily functions like walking, talking, eating, etc., preventing its victims from completing the simplest of tasks. 


Other celebrities who fight this autoimmune disorder include actor Michael J. Fox, NBA Player Brian Grant, Celebrity Chef Monica Smith and Legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali, who is now deceased.

Some of the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis are:  Anxiety, spasticity, bladder dysfunction, dizziness, balance problems, swallowing disorders, extreme fatigue, etc.  Each persons symptoms vary, but if you are experiencing these symptoms, please see a doctor.  Today there are many effective prescriptions that are helping people fight MS. 

Tamia and Grant Hill have two beautiful daughters and TAMIA made sure to get the best care possible to fight MS.  If you have any questions about MS, send an email to MSquestions@mymsaa.org, or log onto www.mymssa.org or call 800-532-7667.