Jaida-Iman Benjamin-Keeping Up With A Benjamin!


Often times I hear people comment on how most children and teenagers are only focused on themselves and a part of this big "Me,Me,Me" cultural phenomenon.  Well, we had the pleasure of attending the Kuboo Charity event in Santa Monica, California where we ran into tons of children who were doing just the opposite and spending their Saturday afternoon at a charity event focusing on helping other children.

We were honored to meet Ms. Jaida-Iman Benjamin who joined others children to support Kuboo, the company that has a popular digital interactive media game that allows the children of military families to keep in touch with their parents through this game.  Jaida who is now working on other Studio shows like Disney's "Movie Surfers" has always used her star power to help others.  "I think that it is a great to be here to support this type of digital game that allows families to stay connected!"  For more information on Jaida-Iman Benjamin log onto www.imdb.com/jaida-ImanBenjamin

Posted on November 14, 2014 .