Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland, member of the former Destiny Child R&B Sensational singing group at a charity event.


Kelly Rowland, a member of the world renowned R&B Group, Destiny's Child, has been forging ahead and making her own destiny come to fruition. Although she has been very busy performing and promoting her new album, making guest appearences, and working the radio circuits, she always makes time for charity work to try and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  Rowland, who was recently a guest at the Ms. Foundation for Women event in Beverly Hill is a supporter of fellow musician will-i-am's charitable initiative fund which give scholarships to students who pursue education in journalism, computer science, television and news media.   She is involved with a variety of charitable programs, but in 2010, Rowland started her own charity, the "I Heart (symbol) My Girlfriends which is an organization that is an interactive support sytems for girls facing self-esteem, abusive relationships and health issues.  As Rowland is chariting her destiny through her music, she is opening up to her fans about the abusive relationship she endured.  Citing that she was young and wishes she could have told her young self then what she knows today.  Today Rowland is going strong in her life, love, career, health and spirit.  She is truly a woman who has emerged from her Destiny Child era into a grown woman with confidence, beauty and grace.  For more information, log onto

Posted on October 13, 2014 .