American Idol & R&B Superstar "Fantasia" Uses Her Voice To Inspire Others!

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

When people think of magical voices, American Idol’s Fantasia Barrino is listed right up there at the top with the best of the best.  Her voice has the ability to take you on an electrical musical journey that you will find yourself wanting to hear more and more.  

Fantasia, the one name sensation, has gone on to do some incredible things with her life since winning the coveted #1 spot on American Idol at the tender age of 19.  The world has gone on the ride with Fantasia as a lot of her life’s journey played out in television and magazine’s right before our very eyes.  It is no secret that this musical powerhouse has had her share of very high moments and even lower moments.  

Fantasia, as she is long known by her millions of fans, has been very forthcoming about her mistakes and shortcomings, its actually one of the things that has made her so endearing to her fans.  She has shared with us many personal details of her life including being raped by a high school boy crush she had, to trying to fit in with the in crowd at her high school, to her teen pregnancy, to her being in physically abusive relationships.  

Fantasia has lead a life as full as the full range octave voice that she sings with and she has taken us on the journey every step of he way. All of these life trials she has worked to overcome.

But one of the most important things that she is most proud of is her dedication to learning how to read and sharing with others the importance of being able to read.  The latest in an education news study states that there are over 30 million American adults that are functioning illiterates that can not read, write, or do basic math.   

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

I mean, have you ever been ashamed about one of your inabilities? Have you ever said to yourself, “What will people say about me if they knew this?  Well, imagine that you and your entire life being played out on the world stage for all to see!  

It’s these types of questions that American Idol Winner Fantasia asked herself over and over again.  Fantasia became really adept at hiding her illiteracy.  So much so, that when caught by others in some type of reading infraction, she would cover it up by saying something comical and or reference her mistake on the fact that she is country and didn’t know any better.  She spent a lot of time figuring out how to get around her reading inability.  

Fantasia’s inability to read was unfortunately generational. Fantasia struggled at reading because some of her closest families couldn’t read either., i.e. her mother.  Fantasia has even admitted that it took her mother a long time to admit this to her.  

It’s been said that what was heartbreaking for Fantasia and was basically the turning point for her is when she could not read a book to Zion, her daughter, who at the time was four years old.  Apparently, that hurt fantasia so much that she teamed up with tutors so that she could learn the  important life skill of reading.  

Fantasia went on multiple television networks and shared her story of illiteracy in hopes to inspire others to learn how to read.

Now, at the age of 34, Fantasia is a mother of two, married to Kendall Taylor and looking forward to making even more great music with her fabulous voice.  She wants to continue to inspire and help others through her music and eventually open up a home for troubled teen girls.  We look forward to seeing what the future hold for Fantasia and her family. God bless the child that’s got her own!  For more information on how to reduce illiteracy, go to

Posted on November 18, 2018 .